What is Webmail?

What is webmail? Webmail is usually a free cloud-based email service that is set up on your hosting. You can use webmail by having a professional-looking email address such as, “[email protected]” and it’s usually at no additional cost. You can also have a professional-looking email with an email client such as Outlook or Gmail/G Suite.

In general, when emails are sent, they are traveling over the internet and then stored on a server. Internet service providers like Cox, web hosting providers like Smart Web Creative, or email providers like Gmail will have these types of servers. Emails are collected onto the server until they are ready to be deleted. As a result, if you use webmail with a hosting provider, your email storage will count as disk space so it depends on how much your hosting package comes with.

What’s the Difference Between Webmail & an Email Client?

Both webmail and email clients do the same things, which is allowing the user to send and receive email. The difference though is that an email client will require the user to install software onto their device in order to access emails. On top of that, using email clients usually cost money, but has more security and features. With webmail, it’s free for the most part and completely cloud-based. As a result, a client can access their email account from anywhere on any device while connected to the internet.

You may be also asking, “Well, what is webmail good for then?”. Webmail is a great solution for clients that want to use multiple devices or are away most of the time from their desktop computer. However, if you feel like using an email client is a better solution, by all means, go for it. The only drawback is that it does cost more.

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