How An Appealing Website Design Can Attract Customers

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Website design in general is the overall look of a business’s website. It gives an introduction along with the services, products, or information of that business. However, having an appealing website design can actually keep users on the site, thus bringing in more clientele. This is why it is important that when a company needs a website created, they chose a professional web design company that can produce a quality website.

A lot of times, businesses that try to save a buck will go with a cheap freelancer or try to build the website themselves. Doing this will only lead to headaches down the road. The quality and user experience of the website will most likely be unprofessional, and it will cause users to leave the site quickly, creating a high bounce rate. High bounce rates can negatively impact a website for a business.

4 Ways to Ensure An Appealing Website Design

Whether you are looking at getting a new or improved website for your business, or you’re a web designer looking for some tips, here are a few basic points about what can keep a website appealing:

  1. Mobile-Friendly and Optimized — A website that is created for all types of devices and not just desktops can greatly attract a wide audience. Many people use their mobile devices to view a website and making sure that it is mobile-responsive can keep those users on the site. Furthermore, it is crucial, especially with search engines such as Google, to have the website optimized for speed and user experience.
  2. Simple and Aesthetic User Flow — When users come to a website, they are looking for something. It could be a product, an answer to a question they have, reviews about a business, etc. A website should make every aspect of navigating it simple and easy. Users will tend to leave a website if it is very difficult to find what they are looking for. Additionally, websites that have too many popups or ads will chase a user away.
  3. Keep the Design Balanced — Each website needs to have balance in terms of design. You don’t want to have users be thrown off because the layout and design of the site don’t look right. Symmetrical web designs tend to do well in this case, but if your website needs to have an asymmetrical design, it becomes a bit difficult. It’s not impossible to have an asymmetrical design for a site, but you need to be sure that it has a consistent balance to it. This will keep users on the site longer because from the get-go, you’ve implied to their subconscious that the design is asymmetrical, so you want to keep it that way. Imagery also plays a part in this aspect. It is good to have some images throughout the site. Most people do not want to come to a website where there is nothing but text over and over.
  4. Focus on the Main Goal — Every business that has a website will have a reason for why it exists. An appealing website shouldn’t have information on it to detract away from what the main goal is. For example, if a dog grooming business has a website, it should include its services along with pricing, an appointment system, reviews, ways to contact them, and some information about the business in general. These are all items that a user that comes to the site will want to view. If a user comes to this same site and starts seeing a bunch of merchandise for their dog, chances are they are going to leave. They came to the site for dog grooming, not to purchase a bunch of merchandise.

Abiding by these 4 principles, a website can have a significant boost in its appeal. A website should have the ability to keep users on it for a certain amount of time and give them what they came there to find. There are more principles that a website can utilize to make it even better, but it will also depend on the industry the website is for. Nevertheless, you know now 4 ways of having an appealing website design.

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